Z is a short film set in a post apocalyptic era in Nigeria around the “2050’s” which reveals a developed Nigeria undergoing invasions. The word Z centers around a scientifical project (PROJECT Z) created by a Company called “The Triangle”.

After 7 months of working we present to you our short called Z the Beginning. It is a sci-fi /post apocalyptic short film shot and edited by group of Teenagers in Nigeria called The Critics. We are also proud to say the project was shot on a Tecno Camon Cx and Cg shots were rendered in Blender.

Written/Directed by - Godwin Josiah 
Editing/Visual effects - Raymond Yusuff 
Produced by The Critics Company 
Music - Southboy Curtis 
Gaffer - Victor Josiah 
Props - Ronald Yusuff 
Stunt Coordinator - Lawson Titus 
Continuity - Richard Yusuff 

Godwin Josiah 
Ronald Yusuff 
Victor Josiah 
Richard Yusuff 
Lawson Titus 
Rejoice Josiah 
Rachael Yusuff 
Raymond Yusuff 
Gabriel Isaac 
End Music by Kevin Macleod

Produced by Critics Company

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