In an ideal society, justice is fair and reasonable! Since no society is ideal, and fairness & reason must prevail, lace up your minds for a reign of justice akin to the rules and brute of the jungle. See justice whipped into reality with Black Sage’s lasso & the scribbles, scratches and sketches of Sola Adebayo (creator) and Bill Bidiaque (writer).

Black Sage is “an 8-page miniseries that focuses on the innate desire of the common man to deliver justice to corrupt individuals” by the comic’s creators.

This vivid graphic novel tells the story of a heavily bandaged, Weston hat donning, lasso wielding vigilante, who, guided by his own moral compass and a supernatural entity called The One (enabling him to walk through walls among other things), hunts down corrupt individuals and exacts immediate judgement if they refuse to redress their actions. The synopsis goes:

Black Sage hunts down corrupt citizens of Nigeria and offers them the opportunity to make things right. When they don’t, he delivers judgement-day to them on earth. The world of Black Sage is one of justice and immediate judgement. There are no second chances with him. Tonye Hart (an NSS agent) died fifty-three years ago in a fire accident orchestrated by a corrupt Nigerian Government or so the world thought. He was transported to a facility in Midrasha by unknown forces and sustained by machines for fifty years. At the fulfilment of time, he was transported back to Nigeria as Black Sage and he is here to fix the ills of Africa with his lasso.

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