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About Us

The Late Chadwick Boseman while playing T’Challa in the popular “Black Panther” movie became a mainstream symbol to reignite conversations around Afrofuturism and the roles Africans play and will play in (re)imagining the future. Today, we see Africa as a continent being subjected to western-centric ways, ideals, stories, culture, politics and technology, all of which have failed to better the lives of average Africans as the continent is still home to most of the least developed countries in the world. 

Lack of structured indigenous knowledge system and long-term foreign assisted self-pillaging culture of our common heritage has no doubt impeded our ability to sufficiently and originally contribute to global discussions and solutions. To move forward, many pundits have argued that Africa as a continent needs to look inward and map out solutions to her various developmental challenges from the indigenous knowledge and thoughts of her own people. Africa has to stop living on borrowed and (neo)colonial ideas as these only serve the interests of the dominant power structures. By promoting our ideas, cultures, languages and knowledge systems, we take charge of our destiny and face our future on our own terms. With this empowered African worldview, we can originally contribute to global discussions in science, technology and other socio-economic topics.

Now, the whole world is talking about the future and we can’t afford Africa to be bullied out of that critical discussion by the current global power structure. Through Afrofuturism, African Science Fictions and Africanfuturism, we are saying that the future belongs to Africans, too, as much as it belongs to everyone else. And because of that, our ideas, beliefs, thought systems and cultures are also very valid in constructing a creative imagination lens through which we see, feel, hear, smell, touch and think the future. This is the principle on which we have founded the Naija Sci-Fi brand.  

Naija Sci-Fi, founded by Ibrahim Ọ̀rẹ́dọlá and Malik Kọ́ládé, is a platform that collects and showcases the best of African focused science fiction works written and created by people of African descent. With this new initiative:

  • We are giving people of Nigerian and African descent a chance to reimagine the future through the lens of African reality, culture and belief system. 

  • We are inspiring and nurturing the next generation of creators and leaders through African worldview-influenced stories about future possibilities and aspirations.

  • We are helping to create a decolonised internet devoid of biased and neo-colonial centric power dynamics and narration.

We say Karibu! Welcome home. And while you make yourself at home, don’t forget to check the submission page to read about our guidelines (we pay in Wakandan Dollar!). We believe you to be our ally, so make it an obligation to enjoy the works and share with other children and friends of Africa.

The future has started and our rallying cry is “Wakanda Forever“!🙅